It appears to me that there are not many people who are interested in wireless security, home security and general house protection as I first thought. I was expecting a few people to have responded to my last post about the possible ways in which ancient people used to make their property secure but no one answered.

It made me wonder how many people actually read this website. I know my family do so that’s around 50 people straight away and I tell everyone I meet about this website so that’s quite a bit too.

I guess they are different to me in that they don’t have that big an interest in home security however I do think that it might have something to do with the fact that not many people are able to spend money on their domestic security therefore they may not be searching for such advice and articles such as the ones I create.

Sad but true, however I am the eternal optimist in that I think within a few months to a year we will see the country spending more again and that will of course see a spike in interest to those people looking at security products such as wireless home security alarm systems.

We all know how expensive those are so no one is to blame considering the fact that a lot of people have less money these days than they ever had.

Incidentally I actually talked about the issues that the credit crunch may have on the home security industry and how it may affect the average Joe like you and it.

Either way I hope to anyone that does find this site that they find the stuff I write to be of some value, it is all my opinions on the topic so don’t take offense to anything I say. Not that I think I have been offensive to anyone but people do seem to be a bit oversensitive these days that I can’t deny!

I have some good news though, my daughter is giving birth very soon so I am a soon to be granddad. I’m not sure how I am going to have the energy to talk about home security as much but I will try my best. Can’t wait to see the new addition to the family! Wish me (and my daughter luck!).

I had created this website with the aim of talking and discussing such factors like the latest home security devices and the new technology being used in alarms and the like.

That was the aim but I had a thought on what the measures were in the past for people who wished to secure their home. Even before the advent of electricity, what were the people of the past actually doing to keep away thieves and burglars?

Lets remind us that in the grand scheme of things, electricity is still a relatively new discovery. In fact with each passing day we are learning new ways in which we can use it to our advantage.

One of the ways we are taking advantage of electricity is that of home security. All of our domestic alarms and security devices are operated and powered by electricity. It’s amazing to thing that without electricity, we would be left very vulnerable and the goods within our houses would almost certainly be easily accessible to those who prey on unprotected homes.

What were people doing before electricity to secure there houses? Well you have your traditional lock mechanisms. These would have been the best way to secure your house in the past.

Nothing fancy just a bolt or screw to make sure that the doorway or window was secure against the adjacent wall was enough to make sure that thieves in the old days would have a bit of trouble gaining entry to your property.

But surely there were other methods used other than simple locks? I am not sure myself but I would love to find out the old ways used by ancient (and not so ancient) people to make sure that their properties remained safe. One thing is for sure, I’m sure they would have killed to have a nice electric security alarm ha-ha!

What are you doing with your home security set up?  I am curious to find out what the readers of this website are actually doing to make an impact (a positive one that is) for their safety and the safety of their families.

The reason I find this to be a curious question in which I would like the answer, is because I feel that there a lot of people who are more interested in reading about the topic of home security than those that are actually doing anything about it.

You will find forums and discussions all over the internet that are focused solely on home improvement through the purchase of alarm systems and other security devices such as burglar alarms or door locks etc but how many of these people actually own these devices and technology?

I can understand in a way that this is the case due to the fact that everyone in their right mind wants to have a very secure house; however these products that are discussed on the countless websites aren’t exactly cheap.

In today’s current predicament of the credit crunch etc, it is unfortunate that one of the things that we tend to forget is the need for us to purchase security devices and have a safer home.

But if you look at the bigger picture you might think otherwise.  The reason I say this is because of the fact that many people are losing their jobs in today’s society, money is becoming more and more of an issue.

With money being a big issue, desperation comes into play and that is when people start committing crime such as house theft.  If you have not protected your home from this sort of scenario you will have only yourself to blame.

Yes it can be said that it is a little bit like a vicious circle with the fact that people are looking to crime to fund their living.  Either way it is out own responsibility to make sure our house and families are safe and secure.  If you don’t protect your house with home security who will?

In the last post I talked about briefly the prospect of having to ask a professional to come out to your home and install your alarm.  I still stick by this notion, especially if you are having a right old terrible time of installing the alarm yourself.

There is nothing worse than paying a grand sum for a home security product only to realise at a later point that you can’t even get it working.

Why are people finding it difficult to get their security devices working?  I have a few theories but they pretty much centre on the same theme.  That is the fact that not many alarm companies are taking the time to write there installation manuals with the average Joe in mind.

I see many times that these so called guides are using terms that are industry specific and that the normal person off the street would have no idea what they are referring to.

This is quite sad because in my opinion, ever household needs to have some sort of alarm device whether it is a wireless security alarm or a hard wired burglar alarm.  The benefits of these devices are obvious to everyone.

Trouble is I have friends and family that have bought these products, tried to set them up, couldn’t so they just put them back in the box and completely forget about them.

What would happen if they were to be on the receiving end of a break in?  I’m sure they would wish they had spent more time reading the manual right?  Maybe but if only the alarm company had taken a little bit longer and put more time into creating a really good user manual with easy to understand step by step guides to assist everyone in setting up their alarms, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

Wireless Home Security Alarms

| December 2nd, 2009

If you are one of the many who view the installation of hard wired home security alarm systems a right old pain in the butt and would take wireless home security alarms then I am with you guys on this!  I have noticed that not even the most hardened professionally home security firm will even look at these devices.

This makes it easier for them to promote their own wireless technology alarms and even though these are a little bit more expensive than their wired counterparts, they are certainly a lot easier to use.

Everyone has their own opinions on the reliability of the wireless home security alarms but for me personally I have never had a problem with them.  I hear all the time people having issues with them breaking or losing connection to the main control panel but this has never affected me fortunately.

I did hear however of a rather disturbing story to do with a group of criminals and how they actually managed to hack into a wireless alarm and gain the users security code.  You can guess the rest of the story but to cut it short, the home owner found himself with an empty home.

I can’t understand why anyone would ever do that to another human being but I guess theft or thievery is an act of extreme desperation for money.  Either way this was a frightening story none the less.

Criminal hacker’s aside, like I say I’ve never had an issue with a wireless alarm, in fact I prefer them to their wired (or hard wired) cousins.

Going back to the pain that is installing a wired alarm.  I would advise anyone out there that is having trouble with this to seek professional help.  You may get some resistance from some companies as they may perceive it as a waste of time.  You already bought the alarm so why should they care about you.

A bad opinion to have but some companies are like that.  Anyway, if you do manage to get a good natured company, ask them for their help in setting up your alarm, either that or get a refund and buy a wireless home alarm system with the money you get back, it would certainly remove the hassle of installation even if it is a little more expensive.